Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Within Her Pages: Alexis

This is Alexis Weaver and is from Conway, Arkansas, United States of America. She’s 29 and is a customer service representative (for the mean time) and missionary. She’s passionate and thrives on missions, travelling, reaching the lost and bringing hope to the broken, photography, helping people find freedom, young adults and helping them find community. 

Her family has been through a lot of hardship and brokenness and were never really close, but God is in the process of restoring their relationship with one another and creating bonds that never used to exist. Her favourite childhood memory is when she traveled back home to Maryland to visit her cousins during summer and when she used to ride horses competitively.

When she was 18, she nearly lost her life to an overdose of pills and alcohol, however Jesus miraculously saved her life after three days of being unconscious. She was angry that she survived, nonetheless that was when God really shook her and made her aware that He existed. After a few years there were girls that sought her out and showered her with love. This love was a genuine reflection of the love of Christ and something she had not experienced before. It took the girls a lot of time to convince her to try out the ministry, but after a while, she encountered Jesus and accepted Him into her life.

The need for others to experience the hope and love of Jesus awakens her in the mornings, more so that there are those who cannot fight for themselves and need others to stand up for them. Alexis’s definition of strong is to be someone who continues to get up after life continually knocks them down. Brokenness, injustice, tragedy, hopelessness, those who are lost, the wounded and afflicted places her heart into pieces.

In Her Words:

What do you like about yourself: I like that I fight for people and that I am encouraging. 

How do you describe beauty: God’s creation. People experiencing the true joy from the Lord. Love that radiates from the heart that flows into action.

What is love in your one word: Jesus

What is that one habit you wish to do away with: Picking at my fingers! Ugh.

Coffee or Tea: Coffee! (But tea is good too).

What country would you like to travel to, why there and what are the activities you would engage in whilst there: You mean aside from coming back to South Africa? I would like to visit Croatia. My mother’s family immigrated to the states from Croatia and I’ve always had a desire to see where we came from. I would honestly love to just explore and possibly even try to find distant relatives if it were possible.

What is the funniest thing that ever happened to you during this year: You mean, I can only list one? Well, I recently locked myself in my car door. I also accidentally sent the word “boob” to a group text of all ministry leaders.

If you were granted one wish what would it be: To be more like Jesus and to be able to reflect his love better.

In five words she is: Daughter, Awkward, Friend, Redeemed, Set Free.

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